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Mua sắm thiết bị dụng cụ hàng đầu tại việt nam

List of Accepted Papers

Paper ID Paper Title Track Name
6 Evaluation of Image Matching for Art Skills Assessment Main
7 ViNSV at UIT Data Science Challenge 2023: Advancing Vietnamese Fact Extraction and Verification through Multi-Stage Text Ranking Main
9 VISA: Video Interactive Search with Advanced Visual Programming Main
10 Masked Face Recognition on Limited Training Data Main
19 Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Images with 3D U-Net and Contextual Transformer Main
20 Systematic Evaluation of Language Characteristic and Data Enrichment in Text-based Person Search Main
21 ICViT: Integrated Framework for Complexity Reduction in Vision Transformer Main
23 A Method for Ovarian Tumor Segmentation based on Segment Anything Model Main
25 Exploring Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Models: A Comprehensive Survey Main
26 The U-ReACH Model for Ship Detection over Satellite Imagery Main
29 Enhancing Sequential Recommendation System For MOOCs Based On Heterogeneous Information Networks Main
35 Speaker Diarization Optimized By Dimensionality Reduction And Clustering Algorithm Main
39 TINST-Net: A Novel Neural Style Transfer using Mixture of Text and Image Main
45 Exploring Low-Resource Machine Translation: Case Study of Lao-Vietnamese Translation Main
47 Leveraging Autoencoder Neural Networks to Improve Microbubble Detection and Localization Efficacy in Ultrasound Localization Microscopy Main
48 Attacking Forgery Detection Models Using a Stack of Multiple Strategies Main
49 Detecting Omissions in Geographic Maps through Computer Vision Main
52 InstSynth: Instance-wise Prompt-guided Style Masked Conditional Data Synthesis for Scene Understanding Main
53 FA-YOLOv9: Improved YOLOv9 Based on Feature Attention Module Main
54 FedNTProto: A Prototype-Based Approach for Personalized Federated Learning Main
55 Controllable Base Class Synthesis with Generative Diffusion Model for Few-Shot Object Detection Main
56 An Approach of Generating Synthetic Data in Military Camouflaged Object Detection Main
57 TF-SASM: Training-free Spatial-aware Sparse Memory for Multi-object Tracking Main
66 Ai-Based Skill Analysis And Skill Matching System Main
67 Contrastive Learning with Weakly Pair Images for Traffic Image Deraining Main
69 Evaluating the Adversarial Robustness of Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search Main
70 Leveraging Involution for Efficient and Effective Image Dehazing in U-Net Main
74 Weakly Supervised Object Detection Using Class Activation Map Main
77 Towards Transparent Spam Detection: SentinelCall - A Distributed Ledger Solution for Call Filtering Main
79 Enhancing biomedical entity normalization through re-ranking based on convolutional neural network Main
80 H2P_PKD: Progressive Training Pipeline with Knowledge Distillation for Lightweight Backbones in Pedestrian Detection Main
82 GVEC: A Vietnamese Large Language Models Chatbot For Economy, Using Vietnamese Economy Information Database (VEID) From Vneconomy Community Main
15 Rethinking LLM-based Text-to-Image as Data Augmentation for Indoor Scene Recognition AI in Security
18 Evaluation of Command and Speaker Recognition on Vietnamese Voice Dataset to Enhance Security AI in Security
42 User Privacy Risk Analysis within Website Privacy Policies AI in Security
58 An Empirical Study On The Impact Of Graph Representations For Code Vulnerability Detection Using Graph Learning AI in Security
63 An Automated Benchmarking Framework for Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection Systems AI in Security
72 AI-Enhanced Photo Authenticity: A User-Focused Approach to Detecting and Analyzing Manipulated Images AI in Security
83 A Multimodal Windows Detection Method Based On Hybrid Analysis And Graph Representations AI in Security
84 Document Similarity with Bipartite Graph Matching for Cheapfake and Fake News Detection AI in Security
31 Tensor Kernel Learning for Classification of AlzheimerÕs Conditions using Multimodal Data AI in Healthcare
38 Lightweight Brain Tumor Diagnosis via Knowledge Distillation AI in Healthcare
43 Explainable Optimizing Knee Osteoarthritis Diagnosis: Leveraging Multi-label Learning and Clinical Features for Enhanced Accuracy AI in Healthcare
44 BKSeg-Net: Segmentation of Ovarian Tumors from Ultrasound Images with Boundary Keypoints Loss AI in Healthcare
62 Screening Glaucoma In Color Fundus Images Using Artificial Intelligence Sofware Eyedr AI in Healthcare
64 A Multi-Input Bi-LSTM Autoencoder Model with Wavelet Transform for Air Quality Prediction AI in Healthcare
78 RotCAtt-TransUNet++: Novel Deep Neural Network for Sophisticated Cardiac Segmentation AI in Healthcare