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Industry Talks

1.Title: Commercialise Deep Learnings: A case of Business Process Reengineering


Speaker: Dr. Hajime - Chief A.I Officer @ Cinnamon.
Hajime is a serial entrepreneur and an early stage investor with a strong academic background in artificial intelligence (AI) and AI web applications. Received Ph.D with a study of neural networks.

Hajime started coding when he was 12 years old and implemented his first AI code at 14 years old, which automatically correct simple grammatical mistakes. He was the inventor and product lead of AI-backed Ad Tech at Cirius Tech, which was acquired by Yahoo Japan, and also a CTO at Naked Tech, which was sold to Mixi Japan.


Abstract: An emergence of deep learning has been unlocking various types of disruptive innovations among multiple industries. Conventionally, machine learning has often referred to algorithms used inside Big Data application, which help companies get insights and get better optimization, which is an incremental “add-on” to the current businesses. Nowadays, triggered by deep learning, AI becomes more disruptive, with a drastic change in business operations as well as manufacturing processes. 

In this talk, the speaker will first introduce the big concept of connections between deep learning and BPR (business process re-engineering), then present several commercial applications